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Lisa Gormal says (12/11/2013 15:31:22):
I changed my driving instructor to David a short while after starting my lessons with another instuctor who was extremely impatient and very strict which knocked my confidence right down so when I changed over to David it was the best decision I have ever made. He’s so laid back he’s almost horizontal which is fantastic if you are nervous like I was because of my previous experiance, but saying that he is firm and professional and has the patience of a saint, he’s very cheery and easy going and totally puts you at ease whilst driving and makes it an enjoyable experience, I passed first time with David today(12/11/13) and couldn’t be happier, I highly recommend David! 🙂 Thanks again!

Baillie Rossi says (11/11/2013 20:11:00):
After having enough patience to teach my older brother to drive, I knew David would be able to put up with me! From my first lesson David had a very easy going and relaxed manner which was the same throughout all my lessons. He was extremely flexible and suited lessons around my schedule as opposed to his own! His way of teaching and pace he works at couldn’t have worked better and it payed off as I was a first time pass on Wednesday ! David challenged and encouraged me in every lesson and made the time worthwhile , giving me as much driving time as possible on my lessons, which made the final test seem very straightforward as David had challenged me more on my lessons. I highly recommend David if your looking for a professional, reliable and fun instructor!! Couldn’t thank David enough!

Russell Kerr says (02/11/2013 18:52:39):
David has to be one of the best instructors around. David is very patient and makes sure you understand what to do or where you have gone wrong.
David gives you plenty of drive time which some instructors don’t, but still manages to go through hundreds of whiteboard pens.
When learning with David at the beginning, learners say strange things but my quote is in his record books when David asked what was wrong and I shouted “there’s a car behind me”!
David’s is highly recommended by all and has a great sense of humour, cheers David!

Jamie Christie says (01/11/2013 15:03:11):
I learned to drive with David, he is a great instructor to have as he is extremely patient and helpful.
I passed first time (with only 2 minor faults) and this is because he prepared me very well for my test and has good knowledge of the routes being used in the test. I really enjoyed my lessons with him.
Cheers David
Alex Costello says (30/10/2013 18:50:16):
I would highly recommend David to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive.I was very nervous when i first started but David makes you feel relaxed and calm when driving. I did not pick up driving easily and was not very good at the start but David was very patience and is a great teacher. David is very thorough in his lessons and by the time it came to sitting my test I was completely ready.

Thanks again for everything

Christine Durnan says (29/10/2013 21:10:41):
David is a fantastic driving instructor. Driving did not come easy to me and he showed great patience and allowed me to learn at my own pace. His method of teaching is very easy to understand and follow, and his drawings of junctions and roundabouts were a great visual aid!!

David is keen for his learners to pass their test and is very honest in saying when he thinks you are ready. David not only teaches you to pass, but also teaches you to be a safe and confident driver. I passed my test with only 2 minors and I haven’t stopped grinning yet!

I would highly recommended David to anyone wanting to learn how to be a safe driver.

Thank you very much David.

Louisa Kearney says (02/10/2013 16:35:35):
I started lessons with after a my friend recommended him to me. David is an extremely patient and knowledgeable instructor. He taught me to a very high standard which ensured that I was well prepared for the test. He is very friendly and helped me to be more confident with my driving ability. David explained everything in great detail and was very encouraging towards my driving. I passed my test first time with only 3 minor faults, on Friday, so thank you David! I would honestly recommend him to everyone looking for a competent, calm and honest driving instructor who is very easy to get along with.

Gabi Reid says (09/07/2013 08:16:39):
David is the best driving instructor out there. I found his method of teaching easy and thorough and he will only let you sit your test when he feels you are 110% ready. I found that David had a strong knowledge of test routes and would go over the harder routes more often so that they were drilled in and he makes sure to give you a couple extra lessons right before your test. He is easy going and and enjoyable to talk to which helped me to relax while driving and help boost my confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn how to drive

Lorna McGregor says (17/06/2013 22:21:54):
My experience with David as my instructor was great! He is extremely knowledgable and was very patient if I had any struggles. David makes learning to drive enjoyable and his way of teaching is easy to understand. I recently passed my test first time and with only one minor fault. My sister was also instructed by David for the Pass Plus certificate. We would both strongly recommend Barrhead SOM if you are looking to gain confidence and skills for driving. David, I can’t thank you enough 🙂

Kara Graham says (09/05/2013 13:43:38):
David was my second instructor as I was not progressing with my first one. In a few months David gave me so much more confidence and yesterday I passed my test first time. I would definately recommend David to anyone, he is a brilliant instructor and very patient. He is also great at explaining things and good fun 🙂